After a hiatus of over a decade, North America's first electric-blues festival returned in 2017 under its original name and format. This poster celebrates that triumphant return, prominently featuring the Ann Arbor Blues Festival's new logo - which cleverly incorporates stylized versions of two Ann Arbor landmarks, the State Theater and Burton Tower. Also included on the poster is the lineup, date, venue, and more.


A couple of things about the 2017 poster are worth noting. This is the only poster in the collection that does not include the year. It is the first poster to include a website and an email address. Neither Deacon Jones nor Taz Neideraurer performed at the Festival, though their names are printed on the poster. Shortly after the posters were printed, Deacon Jones passed away. Taz was unable to reach Ann Arbor on the date of the Festival because bad weather interrupted his travel plans. One of the more interesting conversation starters for your next cocktail party is the "easter egg" hidden within in the logo: The hands of Burton Tower's clock are set to 8:19, which corresponds to the Festival's date - August 19.


Collectors, take note: only a few original posters remain from the 2017 Ann Arbor Blues Festival, and they are likely to be extremely scarce in the future.


Note: This sale is for an unframed and unautographed poster only. The framed poster in one of the photos is for illustrative purposes.

Ann Arbor Blues Festival Concert Poster (2017) - Original



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